Reusable Wood Gift Tags

by Marina Ingrit

I am terrible at wrapping gifts. I make Shane wrap them most of the time, but I love to add the finishing touches! Gift tags, bows, bells, greenery, or anything else to make it festive! I decided to make some wood gift tags this year. Not only are they adorable, but they are reusable! These wood gift tags are a simple DIY that your kids could help with. You can easily knock this project out in an afternoon and it will take your presents up a notch!


I also hand painted the wrapping paper.


Supplies For Wood Gift Tags

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Needle nose pliers

Metal wood burning letters

Wood burner

Wood Tags (or ⅛” plywood if you want to DIY them)

Metal work surface or small piece of sheet metal


The wood gift tags you can buy usually come in packs of 50 or 100. They are very inexpensive. I decided since I needed less than that amount, and I wanted them to be a bit larger, that I would make my own. I cut them out of ⅛” plywood and simply drilled a hole. Mine are approximately 2 inches by 3 inches.



TIP: Whenever using a wood burner, have some needle nose pliers handy. The wood burner and tips get VERY hot and you will need to use something to screw them in and out with.



Step 1:

After you add a new letter or tip, wait a full minute before pressing it down on the wood to allow it time to heat up. Gently rock it side to side and back and forth to ensure it gets evenly burned.



Step 2:

Sometimes, especially on light wood, you will have orange around the letters. If this bothers you, simply sand it lightly and it will remove the orange haze around the letters.



Step 3:

To make sure you get an even color when staining, add a wood conditioner first.



A medium wood stain works best to stain the wood gift tags. Brush it on, wait about 10 minutes, and then wipe off any excess.



Wait for them to completely dry before adding them to your gifts.



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Do you enjoy wrapping gifts? What are some fun things you have added to dress up your packages?


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