Why You Need A Battery Inverter While Camping

by Marina Ingrit

Growing up when we went camping we always roughed it. We always stayed in a tent, we never stayed at an actual campground, we packed in everything we needed including water, and packed everything back out. To me, that is “real” camping. As an adult, I admit I enjoy a few conveniences like staying at a campground with toilets and water spigots. Regardless of how you camp, I have come to the decision that everyone needs a battery inverter while camping.

This post is sponsored by Ryobi Outdoor but all opinions and ideas are 100% my own 🙂


Why You Need A Battery Inverter While Camping

We camp every year. Mostly it is just up the canyon that is near us but we also love to explore other places like McCall, Idaho, Yellowstone, Bear Lake, and the Redwoods.

For years we just laid a blanket under our sleeping bag. But I’m getting older and even in a nice bed I “feel it” in the morning, so a few years ago we got this air mattress. Normally we had to blow it up using the van as power and then drag it to the tent. Then when we wanted to deflate it, we had to drag it back to the van. Such a pain! And it would get all dirty in the process. Especially since most of the spots we go, the parking is far from the tent site. Now we can do it right in our tent!



We go camping to unplug and take a break from the stresses of the world, however it is nice to have a phone. We really only use it as a camera but when hiking it is nice to have maps as well.



When I was a about 12 I started going camping with uncles and cousins. They had been doing a Fathers and Sons camp out and I thought it was only fair to have a Fathers and Daughters camp out too. One year they brought a big, heavy generator and we had an outdoor movie. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to be in the mountains, surrounded by trees, and watching a movie.

I recently bought a new projector so we tested it out on our last camp out 🙂



This 300-Watt inverter has one USB-A outlet, one USB-C outlet and one 120-Volt wall outlet. It also has an LED light and acts as a flashlight. It works with Ryobi’s 40 volt batteries and is available at Home Depot.

This inverter is going to get some good use in our backyard as well. Since our yard is very deep, we have to use two of our very long extension cords and borrow one from the neighbor and we still can’t quite get all the way back. This solves that problem! We also don’t have any outlets one the outside of our house since our home was built in the 1930s.

We have talked about adding string lights to another place in our yard but it is too far from the house and we don’t have a way to power it…until now! Since string lights are not used every day, we can just plug them into the inverter when we need to use them!


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