Ways to Style An Armoire {So many Uses!}

by Marina Ingrit

Ways to Style an Armoire

Yesterday I shared this armoire that I had painted. Armoire, dresser, hutch, whatever you call it, it is one of my favorite styles of furniture because of its versatility. Drawers on bottom and shelves on top means you have plenty of storage. This particular piece once had doors, but they were taken off at some point. I filled the hinge holes before painting but I may, down the road, add doors back on. I have made over several of these types of dressers in the past. I painted one for the bedroom makeover recently and another one for my sister. Whether they wood doors, glass doors, or have no cabinet doors, armoires are a classic piece of furniture with many uses. Here are 4 ways to style an armoire.

I painted this a moody green with my Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer

Armoire Styled: Kids Space

Kids spaces are my favorite to decorate so maybe that is why I first thought to show and example of how you could use this in a playroom or bedroom. I gathered up some of my boys’ things and even the rocking horse from my own childhood.


If closet space was lacking, you could even remove the shelf and add hanging rods. Then you could hang up clothes in the top section like a wardrobe armoire.

Armoire Styled: Living Room

Maybe it is because I have a small home, but I love having storage options in every room, especially the family room. Movies, games, and extra throw blankets are just a few ideas of things to keep in the drawers. Older homes are not known for their storage space. Having furniture pieces like this really help keep things organized. But even if you live in a newer home, who doesn’t love extra storage space?


Armoire Styled: Plant Stand

I mean, if you know me at all this one can’t be a surprise. I turn pretty much everything into a planter so it stands to reason I would look at this and think “Plant stand!”. I love seeing plants all clustered together.


The drawers would be a perfect spot for fertilizer, water cans, extra pots, bagged potting soil, and a water meter. All your plant supplies all in one spot!


Armoire Styled: Kitchen Hutch

This little armoire doesn’t take up a ton of room. It is pretty skinny and has a shallow profile. If you needed more storage in your kitchen, this would be perfect for that area. Or even in a dining room.


My mom had a short dresser in our dining room that held cloth napkins, napkin rings, candles, candle sticks, placemats, table clothes, and other items that were not needed every day. I think this would be the perfect spot for those things! With all the items in a kitchen (especially if you collect kitchen gadgets), there never seems to be enough room for everything. Adding and armoire is a great way to add storage.


It would also be great for silverware, dish clothes and other things that normally go in drawers and kitchen cabinets if you were lacking enough in your kitchen. If this had glass doors, it could act kind of like a china cabinet.

Armoire Styled: Other Uses

Armoires can be used for so many different purposes!

*You could always use it as a dresser in a master bedroom.

*Armoires are also useful in sewing or craft rooms. Can you imagine it full of pretty little craft supplies? Or folded fabric on the shelves?

*For years I used an armoire for my computer in my home office.

*What about in a guest bedroom? It could hold extra linens if you lacked a linen closet too!

*If you remove the shelf it could act as an entertainment center. Why have a regular TV stand when you could have a TV armoire? You could even shut the doors so the TV wasn’t the focal point of the room.

*It would be great in a mud room holding things like dog leashes, cleaning supplies, household items, or even shoes and coats.

What would you use it for?

Next time you are out thrifting or browsing your own online yard sale sites, if you see an armoire, you should snag it! Especially if it is real wood. They are so handy to have and give you extra space. If you ask me, you can never have enough storage space. And armoires can be an ingenious way to add more to your home.

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