Tips For Planting Large Pots

by Marina Ingrit

This is my favorite time of year. I love all the lawn mowing and planting! Everything is green and it isn’t too hot yet. I was planting my front entry flower pots this past weekend and decided it would be a good idea to repost my tips for planting pots.



Tips for Planting Pots

Tip #1

If you have a really tall planter like this, add packing peanuts, empty plastic post upside down, or something else lightweight to the bottom half of pot so you don’t have to fill the whole thing with dirt. It makes the pot easy to move and your plants don’t need that much dirt anyway. Also, make sure your pot has drainage holes.

Tip #2

I like to add different textures as well as different heights to planters so I grabbed some grass, vines, and of course flowers. I try to get a plant with small flowers and one with large flowers.



Tip #3

Make sure you are choosing flowers that all have the same sun/shade requirements. Don’t mix a shade loving flower with a sun loving one. If your porch gets little light, pick shade loving varieties. And if your porch is full sun all day, make sure your plants can handle that.


Tip #4

Plants in containers dry out faster than those in the ground. Make sure to water regularly. Set a reminder on your phone. Darker containers will heat up more than lighter ones so they may need to be watered more often. I like to add moisture retaining granules to help them from drying out in the summer heat.


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Have you planted any flowers yet? What are your favorites? Do you have any tips for planting pots that I should add?

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