Preparing Your Yard For Fall {Mini Makeover!}

by Marina Ingrit

Say what you will about 2020, but I think a lot of good has come from this unusual year. I personally have loved the extra time with family and a chance to slow down a bit. More, now than ever, our family has spent huge amounts of time outside in our backyard. Staycation has new meaning 🙂 Earlier this year I added new landscaping around the garage area and a DIY concrete fountain. The bark I added made it so I didn’t have to weed once! It gave me more time to chill on the patio. I partnered with Home Depot and Vigoro again to share tips that will help you in preparing your yard for Fall!

Preparing Your Yard For Fall



Add Fall Plants For More Color

Fall is known for its showy colors and I wanted to add even more to the flowerbeds. Coleus is one of my favorite “go-to” Fall plants. It comes in so many colors and varieties. I loved the bright red and the variegated version. I thought they paired well with the existing Vigoro plants from this spring.

I got these Vigoro plants at Home Depot using their curbside pick up.



I added some white pumpkins that we grew in our garden this year. They go well with the white pot in the fountain.



Tidy Things Up

The vine growing on the garage and around the window was hanging down in front of the shutters and window, so I needed to tie them back a bit. I’m a huge believer in having twine and twist ties in your gardening stash. Vigoro has both and they come in so handy!




They look tidier! I also cleared out all the pine needles from the flowerbed that blew down in recent windstorms and trimmed back the daisy flowers since they were done blooming.



Our trees just started to turn yellow and drop leaves. Eventually this vine will turn red. The added colors plus the lower temps make this the perfect time to be outside! Fall is perfect patio weather, and the side of our garage is the view from ours. It is the perfect oasis!



Early morning and the “golden hour” in the evening are my favorite times to be in the backyard. Do you have a favorite spot to spend some much needed time in the sunshine?



Fertilize Your Lawn

Remember this spring when we ripped out an unused concrete pad and planted grass? It is doing really well as you can see. Fall is the perfect time to add fertilizer your lawn so it looks its best come spring. It is an easy job and will have a huge impact on the look of your yard.



If you need me, I’ll be on my newly decorated patio looking out at the great view.


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