New Adventures

by Marina Ingrit

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind and crazy busy. With school starting, we wanted to squeeze in as much family time as we could. With my son leaving on his new adventure soon, I had an added push for more time together. It is starting to really hit me that our family is entering a new phase. One I am not prepared for. I will no longer have all my kids under my roof and it makes me so sad.



We had a camping trip with Shane’s side of the family. We camped up Little Cottonwood canyon. Even though it is here in Utah, I had never been up that particular canyon. Utah has SO MANY mountains and canyons that I have really only explored a small portion of them. It made me want to travel more within my state and see more places.



We hiked up to Red Pine Lakes. It was 4.1 miles each way so at over 8 miles, it was the longest hike I have done since hurting my ankle. It was a beautiful hike.



It is in the Albion Basin which is famous for its wildflowers. We were there at the tail end of the “peak” so while we saw plenty of flowers, it was no where near the colorful masterpiece it usually is in mid July to the beginning of August. I want to go back next year to see even more.



My son has decided to serve a mission for our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). For those of you who may not know the process, he submits his paperwork and then waits to see where he will be called to serve. The leaders of our church pray about each missionary to know where they should go. It could have been anywhere in the world. He was called to the Richmond Virginia mission. He is so excited to go. So, so excited! His mission includes a small part of West Virginia, a large chunk of Virginia, and even about a third of the North Carolina coast. I know this experience will help him grow. He will be gone for 2 years.

So if you live in that area and see a cute blond missionary from Utah walking around, say hi and give him a hug for me! If you have yard work you need done or just want to visit on the porch, I’m sure he’d love to help 🙂

It’s such a mixed bag of emotions as your first kid leaves the house. I know there will be moments when he will be staying here (summers in between college semesters), but things will never be exactly the same. It will be hard to get use to and the emotions are always close to the surface. If any of you mamas have advice for me or thoughts on kids leaving the nest, I’d love to hear it.


He’s had a lot of self reflection since graduating and I’m so proud of the choices he has made.


My other three boys started school last week. As a family we chose to do in person learning. They have really enjoyed going back to school even if they have to wear masks. They come home happy and that makes me happy. Navigating this school year during a pandemic is definitely a new adventure!


In other news, the garage attic for IS DONE! I also have another garage project ready to share. Both will be hitting the blog soon. It feels so good to have it finished. Whew!


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