Neutral Laundry Room Makeover

by Marina Ingrit

I love redoing spaces and making them not only more beautiful, but more functional too. I recently had the opportunity to complete a laundry room makeover for some friends. This neutral laundry room was a quick and easy DIY project and cost very little money. It’s a weekend project that anyone can do!

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Their laundry room has a very typical layout and placement. You enter through the garage door and it opens into their kitchen. It serves as both the laundry room and the mudroom.

It was basically a blank slate and I knew I could add in some storage and make this space work better for them.

Neutral Laundry Room

The plan was to paint, add paneling, shoe storage, more hooks, a shelf, and a new cabinet. We wanted to go with a neutral color palette to keep the room light and airy since it is such a small space without any natural light.

The first thing I did was remove the washing machine and dryer so I could scrub the walls and baseboards. Then I prepped for paint!

Painting The Space

I have used various versions of the paint stick for YEARS. I have to say, this newest one from Wagner is hands down my favorite.

After adding the tube to the can of paint, I inserted the narrow end into the PaintStick EZ Roller.


The pull back and suck up the paint!


Squeeze the trigger to push the paint up through the roller. Squeeze and roll until paint starts to come out. It will be light at first (it will look like polka dots) until the roller fills with paint and gets saturated. Then roll your little heart out without any fear of stepping in a paint pan!

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When you need more paint, simply squeeze the trigger. It really is that easy!

When you are done painting, you slide the PaintStick EZ Roller back onto the narrow end of the tube and push the paint back into the can.

To clean, use warm water in a sink or bucket and suck up water and push it back out until the water runs clear.

Neutral Laundry Room REVEAL!

I love when some paint and a few DIY projects can dramatically change a room in just a couple of days. You don’t need a lot of money and a gut job to transform your space.


I chose a taupe-y gray color for the walls. I didn’t want to go too dark since the space has zero natural light. I also wanted to complement the existing flooring and the rest of their home.


I found a cabinet on Facebook marketplace for a steal. It seemed a little narrower in real life but we made it work. I built a reclaimed wood floating shelf. That was free. Who doesn’t love free?


Behind the garage door, where one set of the old hooks were, I added a whole wall of hooks! I’m currently obsessed with beadboard so I covered two of the walls.


When I chatted with them about this room, they mentioned wanting some kind shoe storage. The space is tight so I knew I was going to need something that didn’t stick out of the wall very far. I remembered seeing a shoe cabinet at IKEA that I thought would fit the bill.


It looks quite short in this photo, but it is 42 inches tall. It can hold 16 pairs of shoes. And it is pretty cute 🙂


I made the custom sign above it. The cabinet makes a great drop station too for keys and sunglasses.


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