Crushing On: Mustard

by Marina Ingrit

Mustard, yellow, gold, whatever you chose to call it, I am crushing on this color! I have always loved it and have always had this color somewhere in my home. It is such a happy color and works well with any design style. Here are some of my favorite examples of mustard home decor.

Mustard Home Decor

My mom has a yellow secretary in her home that all us kids want. Having a fun, yellow piece of furniture brightens a space up!


Source: European Home Decor Magazine


I love this cabinet that lets you cheerfully display your favorite items.


Source: Country Chic Paint


This mustard locker would be cute in a mudroom or children’s space.



Source: Mustard Made


I love the idea of having some yellow in the bedroom. This velvet headboard is gorgeous!


Source: Anthropologie


If you don’t want to commit to a headboard, bedding is an easy way to bring this color into your space.


Source: Sylvia Tribal


Or even just a throw!


Source: Domino


Not only does this living room have a golden sofa, it has a cheery yellow door!


Source: Copy Cat Chic


This mustard soda is the perfect addition to the colorful room!


Source: Mignonne Decor


I love everything about this space, especially the sofas! I like the more muted tone of yellow.


Source: Apartment Therapy


If you don’t want a sofa, a pair of chairs works too! It would be the perfect spot to curl up and read.


Source: Real Simple


The large windows that let in all that natural light combined with the mustard yellow bench is perfection!


Source: Elle Decor


Pillows, throws, and rugs are a good way to add this color into your space. They are easy to switch out.


Source: Urban Outfitters


This yellow rug makes this space! It brings some happy color to this stunning neutral room.


Source: Bali Interiors


Oh my goodness! Who doesn’t love a yellow door?


Source: Rejuvenation


It doesn’t matter the style of architecture, yellow looks good no matter what.


5th and State


I’m obsessed with this yellow bathroom! I can just imagine getting ready for the day in a bright, fun space like this!


Source: Three Boys and a Pink Bath


Artwork is another easy way to incorporate this color into your home.


Source: Pompa


Having a sunny little entryway is a great first impression for guests.


Source: Shaves Paint


Do you have any mustard home decor in your home? What is your favorite way to incorporate this color into your space?

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