May Day Garden Flowers

by Marina Ingrit

Here’s a simple Grow Curious project for you to do in celebration of May Day and the growing season ahead.

Collect flowers* from your garden. Choose one of each kind if you can. Assemble them in an arrangement, either laid down flat (aka a flat lay), together in a single vase, or as I have done here, each in a small jar. Take a photo. Think of it as a snapshot of your garden at this moment.

*Substitute flowers for leaves, stems, or any other newly active plant parts.

Tip: I collect old and used jars as vases. Consider glass vitamin bottles with the labels washed off or decorative salt and pepper shakers with the lids removed. An arrangement of single stems in multiple jars is less intimidating than a large arrangement in a single vase and is more doable for those of us with small gardens and few flowers to spare.

  • Grow Curious is a guidebook and manifesto to help gardeners interact and connect more deeply with their gardens through seasonal as well as open-ended activities that promote exploration, discovery, inspiration, and creativity.

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