Life Lately

by Marina Ingrit

Spring is always such a busy time! Not only with work, but with life in general. Kid’s concerts, taxes, yard work (finally!), end of term projects, etc. I thought I would pop on here and give you an update on what has been going on around here and the upcoming projects you will find here on the blog in the upcoming weeks.



First off, we haven’t started the flooring project in the kitchen because the sink started leaking again in the same spot. I think it is time to call in the professionals to see if there are better products to use or a different way to configure the pipes. I am at a loss as to why it keeps happening. It seems so simple and yet…drip, drip. We didn’t have this problem until we got the new sink so maybe there’s a defect?

I have kept myself busy by weeding, raking and doing other things in the yard. I have to be patient since we can’t really plant much until mid May. So this is the planning stage. If you live somewhere with a late planting time, you can get prepared by reading my post on planning and crop rotation!

After 3 years of having a couple of bunnies, and not thinking it was possible, we (Surprise!) had our first batch of babies. NINE of them. Yikes! I am hoping to find them all homes by the end of the month. So if you live in Utah county and want a bunny or two for free, let me know. Ha ha! I’ll even throw in some food 😉 Heck, I will deliver!



My oldest son was headed to California for his high school choir tour. When he landed a solo AND a small group performance, I decided to go and watch his performance in Disneyland. My mom and sisters came too and it was such a fun (quick) trip!




This winter was a tough one for me. Some years I don’t seem to struggle as much and some years the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) seems to take over. As I have been able to get outside and work, I can feel it fading away. I am hoping to me more active on Instagram Stories, make more video tutorials, and bust out some really cool outdoor projects as well as hopefully finally get the basement project back on track. We just got the custom windows!

Speaking of the basement, since Shane and I are temporarily sleeping in the office, I finally decided to build a simple bed so our mattress is no longer on the floor. I wanted it to feel more like an intentional bedroom and not like we were visiting a relative. And while I was at it, I got new bedding and pillows! I will share that newly decorated space very soon! It felt so good to set the saw up outside (instead of the dark basement) and cut wood out in the fresh air!



Upcoming projects to look for on the blog:

Secret Garden Revamp!

Gardening posts

Bedroom/Office Makeover

Front Yard Landscaping

Front Room refresh

New flooring in upstairs


What are you working on right now? I’d love to hear about your upcoming projects!


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