Crushing On: Large Indoor Trees

by Marina Ingrit

My dream house is a mix of indoor and outdoor elements. When I was a kid I really wanted to have lawn instead of carpet in my family room and a pond inside with fish and with a stream that flowed outside. I wanted large trees to grow inside from out of the ground. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? While the grass idea might not work, I am still convinced I could have a pond! And I will always be crushing on large indoor trees. I love that they help blur the lines between inside and out. Here are some of my favorite examples.

Large Indoor Trees

Large indoor trees give a space visual interest. They are good at filling awkward corners. Plus, if you have a large tree, that means you get to shop for cute large pots!




Source: Galerie Provenance 


I am currently on the hunt for a large olive tree. I love their foliage!



Source: Brown Design Group


I love how this tree drapes over the sitting area so you feel like you are reading your book outside!



Source: Hydrangea Treehouse


A sunny entryway is the perfect spot for a tree.



Source: House Beautiful



My fiddle leaf fig in the living room is one of my favorite plants. It is already touching my ceiling (again!) even though I recently cut the top off to propagate.



Source: Stacy Risenmay


Here’s another cozy nook where I wouldn’t mind snuggling up with the book, Secret Garden.



Source: Elle Decor


One time when I was a teenager, my boss asked me to deliver something to someone in a neighboring town. The house was the coolest 70’s style home with a tree growing out of the ground in the entryway. It brought back my childhood memories and made me even more determined to have one one day. So the next couple of examples are probably my fave!



Source: Arch Daily


Here’s another stunning example.



Source: Design Boom


I’m currently obsessed with rubber trees and this one is #goals.



Source: Freundevonfreuenden


I love the full, draping trees and tall & bushy trees, but I also dig the rounded topiary shape of this one.



Source: Bolig


So I am curious… How do you feel about large indoor trees?  Give me all the big tree? Or too much commitment? Do you have any in your homes? If so, what are your favorite kinds?


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