I’m Still Here

by Marina Ingrit

This month I will be participating in National Blog Posting Month #NaBloPoMo. I won’t pretend to be able to keep up with publishing a daily post. That’s not realistic for me right now. But I will be able to commit to weekly, hopefully more.

I’ve been feeling frustrated with social media lately and realize I put too much into it. It helped me stay connected when I was most sick, and for various reasons has been easier on my depleted energy reserves these last 3 years. I would not have been able to meet deadlines on paying work in addition to my various various other commitments AND craft regular blog posts as I once did. Something had to give. Using social media helped fill the hole. It took the pressure off.

But these massive companies are capitalizing on our work, and unfortunately, they have used that capital irresponsibly of late. As I approach 20 years publishing online at this URL, it feels like the right time to reclaim my space.

Other women I know and respect [Elan, Karen, Asha] have been creating dialogue around reclaiming blogging and using NaBloPoMo as a jumping off point to doing it. Some of them are focusing on it as a means towards creating a positive pushback against the darkness of the world. While I share the sentiment, I’m not sure I share their optimism.

However, whatever the reason, I hope you will join in. Dust off your blogs. Write. Make photos, artwork, whatever. Let’s carve out whatever time we can to follow each other’s writings, and connect meaningfully through these spaces we’ve built on our own terms rather than through the confines of opportunistic social media giants.

I’ve got my first post ready to go. It will be up shortly after I publish this one.

In the spirit of sharing, please feel free to add a link to your blog below.

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