Bathroom Refresh REVEAL {Spoiler Alert… It’s Green!}

by Marina Ingrit

After being cooped up in the house this spring due to the pandemic, I started to get the itch to makeover something. I decided to refresh the bathroom. I have slowly morphed the rest of the house by adding in more green and the last space to get the once over was the bathroom. I completely gutted it a couple of years ago and really love it. I only wanted a small, cosmetic change. I have had this room makeover done for a couple of months but have put off sharing it because it is such a tough space for me to photograph. I finally just sucked it up and shot it so I could share this green bathroom design!

Just as a reminder, this is what the bathroom looked like before.



I liked the blue. I just wanted something warmer. Plus, I always knew the shibori wallpaper was temporary. It was time for something new!



The Reveal!

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you saw me unwrap my new wallpaper. I saw it on etsy and instantly fell in love. I love nature and as a mother of all boys, this was perfect for us. I grew up collecting insects, rocks, leaves, and everything else I could find outside. My kids have been the same. When I showed my kids they all agreed, we needed this wallpaper.

While I know not everyone wants bugs on their wall, it makes me smile. It was a little darker than it showed on Etsy but I actually liked the more muted colors in real life.



I painted the blue boxes a pretty olive green that was slightly darker than the new wall color.


P.S. I’m OBSESSED with this Juniper counter spray and soap from the Joanna Gaines line Magnolia Home at Target. I can’t find it anymore in Utah and I’m kicking myself for not buying more of it the first time. It only ships to certain zip codes and mine isn’t one of them. If you see some at your Target, I will buy it from you! Seriously….


I painted the walls green and at first I didn’t like it. I have a rule though. I have to live with it for at least a few days before making a final decision. Sometimes it is such a big change that it is kind of a shock to the system. After a bit I loved it. It helped when I added in all the other elements.



I previously has pressed ferns in some blue frames and I added the ferns to the new wood frames. While it was nice, it was a bit too matchy matchy sime I have potted ferns in the space. I made these prints by painting the backside of leaves and stamping them onto cardstock. If you follow me on TikTok or instagram you can see a video of me making them. It was really fun!


It is hard to see, but I kept the same saying in the hooks – Hang up your dang towel

This shot. It is the one that made me put off the photoshoot for so long. It is so hard for me to shoot directly at a window (with a mirror reflecting that light) and not have the image be hazy. I finally gave up and turned on the lights. It is frustrating because it doesn’t do the room justice. It doesn’t show how well the rug goes with the wall color. But at least you can get an idea. I wish I had better photography skills. Either than or that you could come see it for yourself 🙂




Aside from the arch over the tub, the sliding mirror is probably my favorite thing. If you remember from the bathroom reno a couple of years ago, I really wanted a round mirror, but didn;t want to give up the storage space of a medicine cabinet. Especially since it is such a small space. I came up with this idea and am so glad it has worked so well these past years.




So what do you think? Am I nuts for having bug wallpaper? Is the green too much? I’d love to hear what you think of the space now.

Also, did you get the itch to change things in your home while in quarantine or was than just me?


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