Getting Your Patio Summer Ready!

by Marina Ingrit

School is out and the temps have warmed up! We have been spending more and more time outside so I decided it was high time to clean up the patio and give it a refresh. Here are my tips on getting your patio summer ready.

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Getting Your Patio Summer Ready

If I were a really good blogger, I would have taken a before photo of the whole space. It was covered in pine needles, leaves, and other debris. There were no cushions on the furniture since they were stored away for the winter, and the flowerbeds needed a little weeding. But I was so excited to start working outside for the first time this year, that I jumped head first into this without a perfect before shot.

Sweep & Tidy

I weeded, emptied dead plants out of planters, and swept the patio pavers. Not very glamorous or exciting, but it did make a big difference right away. I also use a broom to sweep away and cobwebs on the windows. If you have moss or mildew growing, use a power washer or a hose attachment to wash the patio well.

Refresh Finishes

The sliding wall‘s stain has faded over the years and was looking a bit drab. I had grown tired of the green planters and wanted something with more contrast. If you have anything stained or painted, freshening them up gives your patio and instant facelift!



I started with the planters. I cleaned them really well since paint adheres better to a clean, dry surface. I placed a garbage sack over the juniper to protect it from the paint. Using my QuickFinish sprayer, I applied the new color of paint!

I think the blue will look better and show off the green of the foliage. The QuickFinish has such nice, even coverage and it goes on so FAST!


QuickFinish Sprayer available on Amazon (affiliate)


While the first planter was drying and I was waiting to be able to paint the second one, I used my Super FinishMax sprayer to stain the sliding wall feature. I had stuck cardboard pieces behind the slats to protect the fabric and taped up a tarp to protect the brick. After that, it was super fast and easy to spray on the new stain! I love projects that give me instant satisfaction!


Super FinishMax sprayer available on Amazon (affiliate)


While I had the sprayer full of stain, I went ahead and refreshed the cooler cover, the gates, and our front yard fence. I had everything stained in less than half and hour! I am continually impressed with this sprayer.


Plant some flowers, add your cushions on (complete with outdoor pillows) and you are ready to enjoy your patio!



I just need to grab a drink and a good book 🙂



The new stain and paint make the patio look like new!


Do you have a place in your yard that you love to spend time in? Or maybe a dreamy balcony? 


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