Freshening Up Your Home {Don’t Sweat Your Pet}

by Marina Ingrit

This post is sponsored by Febreze but all ideas, opinions, and cute dogs named Kevin are all mine 🙂

I love spring! Spring is a time of renewal. I like to take some time to deep clean and freshen up my house before all my attention gets turned to outdoor projects. Spring cleaning isn’t just about wiping away the dust, but it also about odor control. Since I live with 5 guys and a dog, I know a thing or two about odor! I will squirt, scrub, burn, diffuse, and spray whatever I need to keep my house from smelling like feet. My favorite thing to use is Febreze! It makes my house smell like fresh laundry and who doesn’t love fresh laundry? So let’s chat about freshening up your home when you have pets.

Febreze has a new line just for your pets. So whether you already have a furry friend, or are thinking about getting one, you don’t have to let odor get in the way of loving your current or future pet.


I love our Frenchie Kevin, but he sure gives my boys a run for their money in the odor department. He is cute but he sure is a gassy little thing. Nothing a little spritz of Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator can’t handle!



Why do dog beds always smell like corn chips? Ugh. No need to worry though, Febreze FABRIC Pet Odor Eliminator takes care of that.



Speaking of corn chips, Febreze could have also put a teenage boy on the label and it would have sold like hot cakes.



These new Febreze products are perfect for eliminating pet odors found on or near litter boxes, pet beds, dog food, pet messes, and their favorite chair.




Pro mom tip: This works great in the minivan too!

You can find this new line at grocery, retail, and mass merchandise stores nationwide including Walmart.

I’d love to hear about your furry friends and how you #dontsweatyourpet while freshening up your house! Comment below 🙂


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