Favorite Things 2020 Edition

by Marina Ingrit

These favorite things posts are always fun to write. I like looking back at the year and seeing all my fun finds. I LOVE the read the other blogger’s posts as well. Over the years, I have bought so many of their favorite things from printers, to hair brushes, to home decor items.

Here are my top 10 favorite thing from 2020!

Favorite Things


This 100% cotton Green Throw Blanket is perfectly cozy and comes in many other colors. It is huge and when all the way unfolded, it is thin and perfect for warmer months. When folded in half it is still quite big and super warm for those colder days.



This garden auger changed my gardening life! It combines my love of gardening and my love of power tools. I first used it to plant tulip bulbs last fall because I have always hated having to dig such small but deep holes for so many bulbs. Especially since our dirt has so much clay here. Then this spring I used it to plant all the small veggie plants and onion bulbs. Holy cow! It went by so much faster. If you garden or have flowerbeds, you NEED this tool. Plus, it is fun 🙂 It would make a great Christmas gift for the gardener in your life!




I discovered Sugru this year and am obsessed. I have fixed or altered probably 20+ things in my house so far in just the past 3 months! You can read my whole post about it HERE. My favorite thing I have used it on so far is to add a little ledge to my rowing machine so I can watch shows while exercising. So many uses!!!




I hurt my ankle very badly back in April and was stuck in bed with it elevated for almost a whole month. During that time I started watching makeup tutorials for the first time in my life. They are surprisingly addictive even for someone who wears very little like me! I fell down the rabbit hole watching one lady talking about skin care and she swore by this stuff. It was so inexpensive that ordered this Rosewater Toner right away and have really liked it. I put it in a little travel sized spray bottle and spray it on my face after I shower.



When I was doing my bathroom makeover, I spent a long time looking for a hanging planter I liked. I found these Hanging Planter Baskets and not only were they adorable, I got 2 for $20! Such a great deal and now I have another one for my bedroom! They have other color options as well.



My blogger pal Michael from Inspired by Charm told me about these erasable pens and I ordered them right away. I have to hide them from my kids 🙂 I prefer to write in pen so it is so nice to be able to erase!






I rarely buy myself clothes. I still have things from college in my closet. And if I do buy something, it is usually in the 10-$15 range. I have plenty of T Shirts. None of them are particularly flattering. Comfy, yes. Made me feel good about my body? Not so much. This one goes in at the waist just enough to give you some shape, has sleeves that come down a bit more than a regular T shirt, and is long. In other words, it checked all my boxes! I’m pretty sure you all need this gray striped shirt.




I was at a conference for work and was given a little gift basket by one of the sponsors. It has a very small bottle of this lotion. I adore anything citrus scented and this was the most amazing smell ever. I used it sparingly since it was a small tube and I wasn’t sure where to get more. When it ran out I was so sad that I started googling. I found a large tube on Amazon. This Citrus Crush Lotion is the best smelling lotion EVER.


We were introduced to this game at a family reunion. We ordered it as soon as we got home. It has since become our families FAVORITE game in the history of games. My kids could sit and play round after round for hours while we were stuck in quarantine. It literally saved my sanity. We have played it with other family members and friends and they have all ended up buying their own. Cover Your Assets is my favorite card game EVER. If I could only have one game, it would be this. It would make a great stocking stuffer 🙂





I love stripes 🙂 Its my favorite pattern. I saw these while at IKEA and snagged one for the boys’ garage attic fort. I liked it so much I went back and bought 2 more for our family room. These IKEA Striped pillows are classic and would go well with any design style!


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