The Fastest Way to Stain a Fence

by Marina Ingrit

We installed this fence two years ago and up until this weekend we had not stained it yet. It was such a feat just to get it up that we kind of just moved on to other projects and forgot about the fence. My sponsored post for HomeRight this month was an outdoor project so the fence finally got bumped up to the top of the to-do list. I got the fence on both sides of our yard (a total of around 500 feet) stained in an afternoon. I’ll share with you the fastest way to stain a fence!




The Fastest Way To Stain A fence

When we first moved here we installed a small fence to separate our front yard from the back and I used a brush. It took me all afternoon for less than 20 feet of fence! A paint sprayer is the only way to go. It is so much faster and WAY less messy.

Tip #1

I chose to use my HomeRight Super Finish Max. (affiliate link) It has a larger container and holds more stain which mean less refilling. I used the blue tip that is meant for stains.



You can find the tip chart on the HomeRight website and in the owner’s manual.


I chose a warm gray stain. Partly because I really like gray and also because when the fence naturally ages, it will turn gray. My hope is that as the stain starts to fade over time, it will be less noticeable because of the weathering of the wood.

Tip #2

Mix and stir! I had some stain that we bought after installing the fence (we had good intentions to get started right away) and a couple of cans we bought this weekend. I knew even though it was the same color, that formulas change over the years. Plus with different people mixing it, it could potentially be slightly different, so I poured them all into a 5 gallon bucket. I was right, one batch was slightly darker.

Use a paint stick and stir every time you fill the canister. This will ensure and even color each time.




Tip #3

I started at the top and sprayed four pickets wide, back and forth, and slightly overlapping. Adjust the sprayer so that just enough stain comes out to cover the wood.

Tip #4

Wear gloves and mask. When filling the container, I tend to get a little stain on my hands. I have paper towels handy too in case I drip it down the side of the can or the container. It was breezy the day I stained and sometimes it blew a mist of stain in my direction. I ended up putting on one of those inexpensive face masks and it helped.




It was actually really fun to spray and see the progress happening so quickly! Listen to a podcast and you’ll be done in no time.






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