I Tackled A Project I Neglected for 13 years… {Exterior Painting}

by Marina Ingrit

We all have them. Projects that we put off for YEARS. And then when we finally do them, we are like “Why did I wait so long?” In my defense, this project is one I couldn’t do because of my fear of tall ladders. I am comfortable until about the third or fourth step. Falling and hurting my ankle really badly didn’t help my fear of climbing high things either. Shane came to the rescue and completed this exterior painting project for me. He painted the back of the garage and it finally matches the front!

This exterior painting project is sponsored by HomeRight but all ideas and opinions are 100 % my own! This post also contains affiliate links.



Unlike the front of the garage, we have never painted the back eave or foundation in the 13 years we have lived here. We painted the front red soon after moving here and then updated it with tan paint recently (see that exterior painting project HERE). The back has been completely forgotten. I think because it is rarely seen by others and because we became use to seeing it like it was, it just wasn’t a top priority.

But we have done a lot of work in the backyard over the past couple of years and it stood out more and more because everything else looked nice.


Tips for Exterior Painting

Step 1:

Shane used a scraper and a metal brush to get as much of the old paint off as possible. It also a good way to get dirt and grime off.



Step 2:

I hosed it off when he was done to get all the dust and paint chips off. You need the surface you are going to paint to be as clean as possible.


Step 3:

The wood paneling is over 80 years old so there are plenty of gaps and cracks. Once it was completely dry, it was time to caulk. Shane went through several tubes of caulk filling everything in.



Step 5:

Cover anything you don’t want to get painted with painters tape and tarps.

Step 6:

Use a high quality exterior paint. We used one with added primer. Shane used the HomeRight Super Finish Max. We chose the same tan color as the fountain and eaves of the house. I filmed the whole process and it took him 11 minutes to paint the whole thing. That is including getting down from the ladder, moving it, and climbing back up several times. It is so much faster with the sprayer than any other way!

The wood was so dry that it soaked up paint like crazy. It took four coats!

Shane used the Super Finish Max


Noe that we have the patio, a fountain, new landscaping and the chicken coop makeover done in the backyard, it is nice to have this unfinished project done as well.


So I am curious… What is an unfinished project that you have put off for a long time? What is keeping you from doing it?


As a reminder, this is what the front looked like before painting it tan.


And what it looks like now! The planters are a new addition too!


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