DIY Braided Fabric Basket

by Marina Ingrit

I like to make lists. I have a lot of them 🙂 One is of all the projects I want to do. This braided fabric basket has been on my list forever! The kids dragged the fabric tote out the other day and dug through it and I saw this green fabric that matched the new green cabinets in my office. I decided the go ahead and make a braided fabric basket and cross it off my list! It is a fun DIY project to do while you are watching TV and curled up on the couch. Years ago I made a large braided rug using this method so I knew making a basket would be easy!


Supplies for the Braided Fabric Basket:

Cotton Fabric (approximately 2 yards)

Iron & Ironing Board

Scissors(affiliate link)

Needle & Thread

Safety Pin


Step 1:

Cut a slit and then rip the fabric into strips about 1 ½ inches wide. Do this to all the fabric until you have a big pile of strips of fabric.



Step 3:

Fold the edges in to the center and iron them so they stay folded. This will give a nice clean edge.

Step 4:

Use the safety pin to secure three strips of fabric to your pant leg or something that will stay stationary while you braid. Braid the fabric, and when done, use a tiny stitch to keep it together until you are ready for the next step.

Step 5:

Hand stitch each braid to each other to form a long rope. Use sharp scissors to trim the extra fabric off so you have a clean edge at the seam. Once done, roll into a ball.




Step 6:

To create the bottom of the basket, start sewing the braided fabric into a circle. I used a basic whip stitch to connect the braids. I made my bottom about 8 inches across but you can customize it to any size you want.

Step 7:

Once the bottom is complete, start adding braids to form the wall of the basket. I used a whip stitch here as well. I am a terrible seamstress and my stitches are far from even. I didn’t stress about it because the stitches are only visible on the inside.

*TIP* Don’t pull on the fabric while sewing or you could distort the basket and it will look wonky when you are done. Keep the braids loose.




Continue until the basket is as tall as you want it. Mine ended up being about 10 inches tall.


My braided fabric basket fit perfectly on my prop shelf in my office. It is my “small miscellaneous” basket. All small things that don’t have a home go in here. At least that is what it is for now. I could change it up later.




I wish I had a little girl because I think ream, coral and yellow would look so cute! Really, the possibilities are endless on the colors and textures of fabric you could use!




Have you ever done a braided fabric project before? I love to hear about it in the comments!


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