Crushing On: Leather Furniture

by Marina Ingrit

I am a huge fan of leather (or faux leather) furniture. As a mom of 4 boys and a dog, it has been so easy to care for over the years. But aside from the ease of cleanup, it looks amazing! It adds a richness to a space like nothing else can. I am partial to warm brown tones. From sofas, to benches, to bar stools, I am totally crushing on leather furniture! Here are my favorite examples of how to incorporate leather furniture into every room in your house.

Leather Sofas

I love the buttery smooth texture of real leather. It is so soft and cozy. This sofa is perfection in this rustic space!

Source: Maison De Pax


This is my second leather sofa that I have owned and I love the clean lines and low profile. It works well in our small living room.

Source: Stacy Risenmay


Plush enough to lounge on but easy to clean!

Source: The Love Designed Life


Leather Poufs & Coffee Tables


I love this oversized pouf that act as a foot rest and coffee table. Perfect for a family room!

Source: Red City Crafts


This stunning leather tufted coffee table is paired with metal. I love the soft mixed with soft materials.

Source: Scout & Thimble


This round leather coffee table elevates the whole room!

Source: The Glitter Guide


Leather Beds & Headboards


I love this masculine, modern take on a headboard!

Source: Amazon


Reading in bed would be comfy with this padded leather headboard.

Source: Ideal Home


While it might be a bit masculine on its own, if needed, you can easily add feminine touches with bedding and pillows to balance it out.

Source: Horchow


Leather Benches

I love the metal frame of this bench. It goes well with the leather and keeps the space feeling open.


Source: Horchow


How fun is this leather woven bench? It reminds me of the woven leather pillow I made. I bet this could be a pretty simple DIY.

Source: Neiman Marcus


I think this bench looks cozy enough to be in a living room. But it makes a cute entryway bench too.

Source: Anthropologie


Leather Bar Stools & Dining Chairs


I am OBSESSED with these leather bar stools! If I had a bar in my house, I would do something similar to this.


Source: Studio McGee


These leather dining chairs really warm up this space.

Source: Jean Stoffer Design


I bet these are comfortable too 🙂

Source: Barnaby Lane


Leather Chairs

Aside from the traditional leather armchairs, there are lots of other styles that would look great in your living room, like this!

Source: Williams Sonoma


I love the buckle detail on these campaign chairs!

Source: Emily Henderson


And this take on a traditional wingback chairs is making me swoon.

Source: Mathis Brothers


Do you have leather (real or faux) in your home? What do you love about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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