Crushing On: Bold Tile

by Marina Ingrit

I’ve got a bathroom reno coming up and I’m so torn between going neutral or going bold with the tile. Neutral is safe and will last longer without the fear of it going out of style, but the bolder options are just so much fun! Since I went with white in my last bathroom makeover, I’m considering changing things up. I have compiled my favorite bold tile examples. I’d love to hear what you think!

You can’t go wrong with blue, in my opinion. And adding it just to the shower nook is a good option if your nervous about pulling the trigger on the whole space.

Source: RemodelWorks


But man! If you do pull the trigger, it pays off! Look at that gorgeous, shiny blue! I love that it is applied in a vertical way instead of the traditional horizontal subway look.

Source: The Style Index


Yellow is one of my favorite colors. Can you imagine waking up and showering in here each morning? How could you be in a bad mood?

Source: The Style Index


This bold pattern gives this space such personality. I’d feel like I was on vacation each day!

Source: Decor Lovin 


Black and white are a classic combo. This modern take on herringbone is gorgeous!

Source: Decor Lovin


This green tile makes me think of clovers. You know me, I love anything green!

Source: BHG


Reminiscent of vintage pink bathrooms of the past, this one is a bit updated with hexagon tiles and a stunning bath tub.

Source: Domino


I love the slightly distressed look of these tiles! I think these might be my favorite…

Source: The Home Depot


My house has its fair share of arches and I have a weakness for them. This arched shower is STUNNING. The tile makes it perfect.

Source: Palm Springs Life


While I don’t think I could pull the trigger myself on these colors, I love the look! It is such a fun, chic space.

Source: Pohio Adams


This has a similar feel and I’m loving it.

Source: Unknown


If my bathroom had more natural light, I would consider a dark green like this. I love the unique shape as well.

Source: Domus Group


With so many tile color, shape, and material choices, how do you pick? I’m curious if you would choose a bole tile or if you stick to neutrals. If you did pick a bold color or pattern, do you still like it? SPILL 🙂

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