Home Office Makeover! {Create A Home Office}

by Marina Ingrit

Shane has been working from home on and off since mid March. He started out at the kitchen table but that just wasn’t working. He needed a space where he could shut the door and have it be a bit more quiet and private. I had already painted the cabinets green this spring. I decided to finally get around to finishing the office makeover to create a home office for Shane!

This post is sponsored by Rug Pad USA but all opinions and ideas are 100% my own.

Create A Home Office

I think the best home offices have a nice desk area that is kept clean of clutter, lots of storage, a great view (natural light baby!), and is cozy. If you are going to spend HOURS of each day in that space, you want it to look nice and be comfortable.

The layout of the home office is pretty much the same as before. I offered my desk to Shane but he didn’t want it. He has a small laptop and said he would prefer to have something else. Since my computer is large, it made sense to keep it on the bigger desk.



I am still in love with the olive green color I chose for the filing cabinets!



Since Shane wanted a smaller desk for his home office , I bought up the the hairpin leg desk I made that was being used for the keyboard in the boys’ music themed room.



Shane’s view from the window is the Secret Garden.



Part of the makeover was choosing a new rug. The previous rug got moved downstairs so we have been without one for a while. I found one I really liked on Home Depot’s website. It is the perfect warm gray and has a fun pattern. The one thing I didn’t have, was a rug pad.

RugPadUSA offered to send one over that would fit my new rug perfectly. It is called Superior Lock and is made from recycled felt and natural rubber. I actually bought one for my living room room rug several months ago from RugPadUSA before they contacted me so I already knew I liked this type of rug pad.



In the past I had a very cheap, thin rug pad that left a dull, sticky residue on my old floors. When we got new flooring last year, I knew I wanted to get a nice, soft, quality rug pad. I did some research and decided to go with the Superior Lock 7/16″. It is great for medium to large rugs, helps soundproof, and is non-slip for high traffic areas. It is so cushy too!

Kevin takes most of his naps in here while we work and it is definitely Kevin approved 🙂


If you use the promocode STACYLOVES, it is good for $50 off orders of $200 or more, which you can also apply on top of their existing 20% Overstock Sale that they are running now through the weekend.


My wall of shelves got a refresh as well. I painted some of the boxes to better match the green cabinets. I used three different shades of green from sage to olive.



It is my prop shelf and storage for all the random things that don’t have a home. Things like cloth napkins, candlesticks, small home decor items, vases, and other things I use to stage photoshoots.



It was a challenge to store as much as humanly possible without it looking too cluttered or busy. If I had styled these shelves to just be pretty, they would look different. But these shelves really need to function as storage since we have such a small house.


I painted all the doors in our house a new color recently. Instead of charcoal gray, I went with a lighter gray this time. It is called Barnwood and is by Behr.


This space also functions as a mudroom, so the crates hold shoes and the hooks behind the door are for jackets and backpacks. My kids were at school the other day when I did the photoshoot, so it is a bit sparse, but normally it is filled with things.

The boys wanted the bench I built to go in their room so they confiscated it for their space. But I may just bring it back up!


The barn wood shelves I built years ago do help with storage but I don’t feel like I have to fill them to capacity and can style them for fun.



How has this year affected your or your spouse’s work situation? Any tips for Shane that might make working from home a bit easier?


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