Crushing on: Checkerboard Pattern

by Marina Ingrit

Checkerboard Pattern in Home Decor

I have always been a fan of checkered patterns. I think it is classic and will never go out of style. But there are times throughout history when it has been more popular, or trendy than other times. I have noticed a surge in checkerboard patterns in home decor lately. This is a trend that is on the rise! Here are some of my favorite examples of how it is used in homes.

Checkered Tiles

The first thing you probably think of our floor tiles, so let’s start with that first. I adore this gray and white marble version. It makes this space look so expensive and chic.

I’m a sucker for the classic black and white. I love that it is used in not only kitchens, but in bathroom, laundry room, and entry ways. The black and white is very tradtional.

Source: House Beautiful

The terracotta color of these tiles are gorgeous and look so so good with the mint door and crisp white walls.

Source: @SketchFortytwo

I love everything about this space! The floors really are a show stopper.

Source: Bolig

Black and white tile can be dressed up and look really fancy or it can be more casual like this farmhouse kitchen. It is such a versatile pattern.

Checkered Painted Floors

No tile? No problem. These wood floor got painted with a checkerboard pattern and they look divine! How charming is this second story bathroom?

The painted floors help make the pattern feel more casual. This kitchen is so cozy and welcoming.

Source: Remodelista

Painting the pattern on floors is also a less expensive way to add the pattern into your home. I painted stripe in my office and have tips for painting a wood floor in that post.

I love the gray and white in this entry! The border is the perfect touch.


How cheery is this yellow!? What a fun thing to see when you first enter a home.

Source: @sussijo

Checkered Bedding, Pillows, & Rugs

I’ve see more and more textiles featuring the checkerboard pattern. I love the neutral tones of this throw blanket. I need to keep y eye out for one for myself!

This checkered pillow adds a fun pop of color to this neutral bedroom.

Source: Lucky Collective

Not ready to commit to checkered tile? This rug lets you play around with this trend in a not so permanent way!

Source: @Planktons_Loft

Checkered Ceiling

I searched and couldn’t find another example of a checkered ceiling. But since I painted my kitchen ceiling in this pattern twice, we will use both versions.

I LOVE my checkered ceiling! It started out as two tones of green and then several years ago I switched it to black and white. It was a lot of work to draw the lines on using a laser level, and it took a TON of painter’s tape, but I am so happy with it and have enjoyed it for years.

Source: Stacy Risenmay
Source: Stacy Risenmay

Here’s the green version from when we first bought the house.

Source: Stacy Risenmay

Checkered Walls

I love this smaller scale pattern as wallpaper. it would be cute in a little kids space like a bedroom or playroom. I could also see it behind shelves or a back of a bookcase.

Source: Wren & Rumor

Now this is a statement! I love the bold colors and the fact that is ia not just on one wall, but all of them. So playful and cheery! You can tell the personality of the home (and homeowner) right when you walk into the space 🙂

Source: Oh Happy Day

Gah! How stunning is this retro feeling kitchen? Usually tile is on the upper part of the wall but I am digging the fact that, in this room, it is on the bottom. The pegboard is fun too!

Source: Domino

Checkered Outdoors

The checkerboard patter is not limited to the indoors. I love seeing it show up in greenhouses, sheds, and patios.

Can you just imagine having a table in here and serving brunch? How quaint!

Source: Unknown

What colors scream “gardening” more than green and terracotta? It is the perfect color choice for these greenhouse tiles.

Source: unknown

I don’t know about you , but I’d happily lounge all day on this checked patio! There’s even a checkerboard side table if you felt up to a game 🙂

Source: My Notting Hill

How do you feel about this classic pattern? Do you have it anywhere in your house? What is your favorite way to incorporate it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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