Budget Bedroom Makeover {Reveal!}

by Marina Ingrit

The master bedroom seems to be the last place that people decorate in their homes. It’s a very overlooked space. But I think it is important to make your bedroom feel like your own little retreat. I had the opportunity recently, to makeover the bedroom of a sweet couple I know who in 20 years of marriage, have never really decorated their space. In just a few days, Shane and I were able to complete this budget bedroom makeover.

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Budget Bedroom Makeover


The number one goal was to make a headboard for this space.


In order to keep within the budget, we decided to use all the existing furniture.


When it came time to start the bed, I was in the thick of canning salsa. I had drawn up the plans and created a shopping list so Shane cut the wood for me. I may or may not have had a hard time giving up that job and watched him longingly from the kitchen window. But it is nice getting two things done at once. A Saturday morning later, we had a counter full of jars of salsa and a pile of cut lumber 🙂

I built the bed and got it all sanded and prepped for paint. I am offering building plans for this headboard. CLICK HERE >>> Headboard Building Plans

Keep reading to see the hidden storage!


I used my HomeRight Super Finish Max to apply the white paint. There is no way I could have done this makeover in just a weekend if it wasn’t for this sprayer. I used it not only for the bed, but for all the furniture. It is so quick and easy!

*Pro Tip: When you paint unfinished wood, the paint will raise the grain and it will feel rough. Use 150 or 220 grit sandpaper to lightly sand after the first coat. This will ensure a smooth, professional finish.


After painting the room and furniture, it was time to style the space!

Budget Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

Before starting this makeover, I had looked through the wife’s Pinterest boards. Often times people won’t be able to articulate what their design style is, or they think they don’t have one. But by looking at what they have pinned (what they are drawn to) it becomes clear what style they like. Most of the spaces she had pinned were gray and white. Her style was definitely more on the traditional side.


I added a tufted insert on the headboard. I could have also added vertical boarts to create a grid instead. But I love the softness the fabric brings to headboard.

The lavender/tan walls were painted. I chose white and the focus wall got painted a warm gray. Gray and white can often come off cold, so I wanted a very warm gray. This room also faces south & west so it get lots of warm light during the day. The carpet is tan and I added lots of greenery which both also help.


I added photos and art to the wall, a new light fixture, bedside lamps, bedding, and little touches throughout the room.


The two dressers were painted the same dark gray that I used on my sister’s kitchen island. I added new hardware to both and new glass to the door on the taller dresser.


Even though the dressers are two different styles, by painting them the same and using similar hardware, it makes them look cohesive.

The paint sprayer gave them a satin smooth finish!


At their request, I made the headboard have easy to reach storage. The sides open to reveal shelves for things like books, medication, chargers, etc. Like I said before, I will be making the building plans for this headboard available (hopefully next week).

This budget bedroom makeover relied heavily on the power of paint. Being able to reuse the existing furniture really helped the budget. And having a paint sprayer made it possible to complete the space in just a few days.

What space do you have that needs a little weekend budget makeover?

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