Bohemian Master Bedroom {Makeover Reveal!}

by Marina Ingrit

I am so excited to share my bedroom makeover with you today! I’m obsessed with the boho style, even if my kids sing “Welcome to the Jungle” when they walk in. This space has actually been done for a long time. I am embarrassed to say just how long. Life got busy and then I kind of forgot that I didn’t blog about it. So let’s dive right in and take a tour of the finished bohemian master bedroom!

This post is sponsored by BEHR Paint but all ideas and opinions are 100% my own.

Bohemian Master Bedroom

This was our room once upon a time (It was even featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine) and then it was our boys’ room for a few years. While the other half of our basement is under construction, this is now our bedroom again. It is the smallest room in our house, which makes using it as a master bedroom a bit challenging. But I am always up for a challenge! Since using it as our bedroom is somewhat temporary, I felt free to go in a direction that I may not have otherwise. It was fun to play around with a boho look.

Here is how the bedroom looked while it was our boys’ space:

And here is in the process of painting. Forgive the awful cell phone picture taken at night. Sometimes you just got to DIY when you have the time, and not when the lighting is great.

The Paint

Paint is a powerful tool in transforming the look and feel of a space. It also happens to be the cheapest way to change up a room. So I decided to go a bit bold in my color choice. When this room was the boys’ space, I liked the black beds against the white walls. Moving the beds out, made the space seem too….white. That was what had me considering painting at least one wall black. It is a small space, and normally I wouldn’t consider black for that situation, but this room gets so much natural light. Plus, the wall that I was going to paint was across from one window and next to the other. I was confident it would still have an airy feel and not weighed down by the dark wall color.

I didn’t want to black wall to appear shiny so I went with an eggshell finish. I chose the color Black Black by BEHR and I love that it is a true black. No undertones. I had it mixed in BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Paint. I have always, always used BEHR paint for all of my projects. I love the thickness, the coverage, and the quality. This velvety black has a chic feel. I love how it accentuates the original plaster walls of our house!

Bohemian Decor Elements

Brick walls are a staple in any bohemian design, and luckily for me, I had already installed a faux brick wall when I decorated it for my boys. Since this space will eventually go back to being a room for my kids (It will be more of a music/hang out space), I wanted to keep their wall that they love so much.

I added photos of Shane and I. One from our wedding, and one of us now. It’s a fun personal touch that helps it feel like our space, and not a guest bedroom


My son made this bench for me out of old wood at the back of our yard. I liked the natural look of the aged wood so I didn’t do anything to it other than clean it. I love having so many plants on my side of the bed! Plants are an important part of the overall room feel when decorating a bohemian space. There are also many health benefits to having plants not only in your home, but especially in your bedroom.


I bought a linen duvet cover in a warm gray. I have always had white bedding and wasn’t sure if I would like it, but it helps show off the cute vintage throw blanket even better. The green throw pillows are from Target and the long pillow with the tribal prints is from West Elm. I actually altered it a bit. You will see in the video below how I painted over some of the colors so it fit better with the color scheme of the room. BEHR paint sample cans are great for smaller projects like this. That pillow really helps give the space a boho vibe.


My father-in-law knows I love woodworking and brought me a truck full of rough cut walnut slabs. Big beautiful slabs! There were some smaller pieces as well. This little floating side table was my first walnut project. I have many more home decor projects planned for those slabs! I needed something small on my side of the bed since the closet door swings out. You can see the process of making it in the video below.


To keep the cost down, we used the same rug that was in here before, even though it was a bit small for our sized bed. It is an antique wool rug that I got a great deal on because it has a “bald” patch on one edge. I love the color and I think we made it work pretty well.

I painted the dresser a nice olive green. It had been blue for my boys. The modern bench I built a while back for the office, looks right at home in here. I grabbed some pillows from the sofa upstairs for the photo shoot because there aren’t normally pillows on it. Let’s be honest, it’s really just a place to heap the clean laundry pile until it gets folded. IF it gets folded…..

I decided to hang a photo of the place where we were married above it. I used a wood toned frame that matched the bench my son made.

Even though this space won’t be our master bedroom forever, I still wanted to take the time to decorate it and have fun giving it an eclectic style. I think it’s important to make a space your own, even if it’s temporary. You don’t need to spend a lot of money making changes either.


Here’s a quick video showing some of the projects from the space!

I’m curious how your master bedroom is decorated and if you are happy with how it looks. If not, what would you change? A new bed? New color palette?What is your biggest challenge? I’d love to chat with you in the comments below about your spaces!

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