An Unusual Summer {Life Update}

by Marina Ingrit

Usually, summer is when I do the majority of my projects and blogging. If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it is that our “normal” sometimes get shaken up. And that our mental health needs to be more of a priority. I’ve never really taken a summer off from blogging or from major projects, but this summer I kind of did. It was unintentional, and I felt weird/guilty about it until I saw something shared on Facebook.

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I didn’t realize I needed a rest. I was plugging along like usual but realized I had lost the excitement and joy that usually comes from large projects and blogging. I pulled back from social media first. That helped, but I still felt pressure to blog regularly. I felt like if I stopped, it would be really hard to get going again. That people would stop coming to my blog and I would lose readers. That I would lose the sense of community. But something magical happened when I allowed myself to pull back from everything blog related…..

I found my excitement again! I feel like I did when I first started blogging. My head is buzzing with ideas and I have some really cool things in the works. I haven’t felt this excited since I first started blogging.

I think another thing that really helped was that I got together with other bloggers in my area for a little retreat to talk about blogging. Blogging can be very isolating. You are at home working all alone. But being IN PERSON chatting with others about concerns, ideas, and hopes for the future was inspiring and filled my (very empty) bucket, so to speak.

I wasn’t planning on posting about all of this, but as I looked at the list again today, I thought that someone else might benefit from seeing it. Allow yourself to choose one or two of those things. We all need a reset every now and then. Take the time to get recharged.

One of the things that I am super excited about is that I have decided to start posting to my youtube channel again. I never thought in a million years that is where I would put more focus, but it feels right. It feels exciting. I haven’t posted in a long time, and even back then I was super sporadic. The goal is to post once a week at least. So if you want to follow along over there, I would love it! I have dove head first into learning all the ins and outs of how to make a channel work really well and I have my first video ready to put up later this week.

I also have my bedroom makeover that has been done since this spring that I will photograph and get posted here on the blog. I am doing a big project for my brother and his wife this month too. In fact, I will be slowly doing rooms in their whole house over the next several months. Who loves inexpensive room makeovers that can be done in a weekend? (ME!!)

Thanks for sticking around even when things get quiet. I love doing what I do because of the community of readers here. I love my little piece of the internet where I can share and hopefully inspire others to create as well.

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